We've been in a tent in Freiburg for a weekend for our Encounter Night and I'm still trying to understand all the great things God has done. There were no crazy light shows, no fog machines, no LED Walls, no powerful sound equipment - the only power that was there was the power of the Holy Spirit. And that's all we need.


God loves us. We all know that. But God also hates sin. Most people know that - but many don't want to hear it like that.And yet it is important that we preach a clear gospel to the world! Only those who repent can accept what Jesus has done for us.

The good news is only “good” news when there is bad news. Otherwise it would just be news - neither good nor bad.

Fact is: we live in a world where sin exists and there is only one way to become right with God the Father: repentance

What can I say... that's exactly what we were able to experience in Freiburg. Both on Friday and Saturday evening, the gospel was proclaimed by my friend and brother Maxi with such clarity that everyone had to make a decision: make a 180° turn and give your whole life to Jesus or continue as you lived before. And the people of Freiburg have made their decision. Many have decided - for Jesus!


God heals today. God said he is the same yesterday, today and forever - and we were able to experience that live at the Encounter Night. There really are MANY testimonies to share, but here is a small overview of what God did on those two evenings:

  • Leg pain of 7 years, GONE
  • Back pain 4 years, 3 weeks intense pain, GONE
  • Body pain- muscles pain, GONE
  • Shoulder pain, GONE
  • Neck problems for years, right shoulder pain, GONE
  • Asthma for 16 years, HEALED
  • Back pain for over 10 years, GONE
  • Migraine, GONE
  • Eye sight, RESTORED
  • Stomach pain, GONE
  • Knee pain, GONE
  • Breathing, RESTORED


The Encounter Night is really about your personal encounter with God. This can happen by hearing the gospel for the very first time and it can also happen through healing. And then there's one more thing: the Holy Spirit

The entire Encounter Night has one big goal: to create room for the spirit of God so that HE can do what HE wants to do. And that's exactly what happened. After we preached the gospel and Jesus healed the sick - it was Holy Spirit Time - here are a few testimonies that reached me:

I'm convinced we can take the best 1,000 sermons in the world, hear them all, study them, etc. and it's all NOTHING compared to one true encounter with the Holy Spirit.

I know what such an encounter did to me and that's why I will always give the spirit the room he deserves. God is always allowed to do what HE wants to do. HIS kingdom come. HIS will be done.

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